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Meet The Owner - Rossie


Hi, my name is Rossie, and I am a wife and mother to (3) energetic boys who also finds joy in serving my community when it comes to education, justice, and social services.

I am Mexican American, born and raised in Milwaukee’s area South-side

–which is where my heart is.

People that know me, say that I am an encourager through life-giving words that lifts them out of whatever negative emotion or situation they are in.

Therefore, I love to serve others and express my gifts through exhortation.

I am also great at technology. It gives me great joy to watch people learn and grow when it comes to technical learning.

My businesses greatest accomplishment is being able to solve the customers needs when it comes to personal development in areas of emotional, personal, and professional growth.

Additionally, I hold an Associate of Science in Civil Engineer Technology, a Bachelor’s in Construction Management and Trades, and I am a Professional Coach through the FEW Institute of Certified Coaches.

I am a former Civil Engineer and CAD Technician with 10+ years’ experience in both the public and private sector.

Now living a life of Entrepreneurship, Ministry and Education, and becoming the newest Co-Author of FEW Publications in the book,

“The Power of Yes” launching in 2024!

With another book in the making called “A Woman Unshakable! "

Though my credentials may captivate an audience, it has not always been this way.

What lies beneath is a Woman who overcame a past of shameful living and

an overcomer of guilt, addiction, anger, and brokenness.

Now healed and restored by God's loving grace. ​

Now living an abundant filled life.

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