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We help institutions and organizations build resilient and confident Women in STEM careers by teaching Women practical tools to succeed in their career path through effective coaching, mentoring, and educational services - closing the gap of insecurity & fear and increasing economic stability.


According to a study from the University of Wisconsin - "Stemming the Tide - Why Women Leave Engineering," in order to retain women in STEM careers post-education and into their careers, they have concluded the following:


We strongly encourage engineering programs to consider incorporating career management courses that focus on workplace skills and behaviors for all students, and not just for women. For example, courses that focus on helping students learn how to work as part of a team, how to manage projects, how to communicate effectively, how to negotiate, and how to manage conflict and interpersonal differences, will help prepare students to pursue successful careers in engineering."

Through my workshop, we give Women the vital tools and secrets necessary to succeed in their careers. We prepare them on how to respond to their male counterparts; how to manage; how to voice their opinion; how to have a healthy mix of work-life balance; how to communicate and so much more.

My biggest desire is to see women thrive everywhere they go despite their career path.

It troubles me when women go into the trades wearing an avatar hiding behind their true authentic self. 

We shouldn't have to "act like a man" as one testimonial stated.  

Women were born for so much more. 

Contact me today if you would like to give your students/employees the gift of

Knowledge and Training.

Journey2Alignment Coaching Services will teach you how to be your real and authentic self. Eradicating fear in the workplace and embracing your femineity. Learn how to use your influence wisely; lead with confidence; and learn key factors to creating a healthy work-life balance where everyone wins.
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