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Journey2Alignment Coaching Services LLC is an Overarching Service Provider to help Entrepreneurs, Businesses, and

Non-Profits Accomplish their Goals with Excellence.


Rossie Manka

Personal Coach & Consultant

Hi, my name is Rossie, and I am a wife and mother to (3) energetic boys who also finds enjoyment in serving my community when it comes to education, justice, and social services.

People that know me, say that I am an encourager through life-giving words that lifts them out of whatever negative emotion or situation they are in.

Therefore, I love to serve others and express my gifts through exhortation.


Additionally, I hold an Associate of Science in Civil Engineer Technology, a Bachelor’s in Construction Management and Trades, a State Licensed Insurance Agent, and

a Certified Life Coach and Mentor.

Formally, a Civil Engineer and CAD Technician with over ten years of experience in both the public and private sector, where I have utilized my knowledge and skills to reduce errors on million-dollar contracts through my strategic approach and analytical skills.

Now living a life of Entrepreneurship, Ministry, Education, and Writing 

Publications of Faith. 

My newest release,

A Woman Unshakable In Christ. 

By Rossie Manka

Why Me?

Because my wisdom and burst of energy is like no other, just like my fingerprints.

You won't be disappointed! 

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Ph: 414-204-4212


Our Services

Professional Development, Entrepreneurship, Technology Coaching & Personal Development


Whether you need help professionally or personally, I have the tools to get you started.

Take a journey with me to get you back into alignment.

"Empowering people and organizations to accomplish their goals with excellence"

Professional Coaching

For individuals who need support in their vocation.

We Target:

  • Mind-Set

  • Morning Routines

  • Confidence

  • Value & Worth

  • Personal Growth

  • Mentorship

  • Growth

Entrepreneur Consulting

Take Entrepreneurship To The Next Level!

We Target:
  • Mind-Set
  • Morning Routines
  • Business Strategy
  • Technology Needs
  • Organizational Success
  • Optimization
  • Goals 
  • Pricing & Products

Encouragement Coach

Feeling the Downturns of Life?

I Can Help.

We Target:
  • Mind-Set
  • Morning Routines
  • Goals
  • Self-Worth
  • Identity
  • Combating Negativity
  • Strategy

Growth For Your 

Do you feel sluggish in the morning?

Do you wake up and hit the snooze button?

How about beginning your day with an emotional breakdown because of an external factor?


We are all human beings and we feel emotions.

We feel the stress, the worry, and the frustration. But how do we circumvent that?

Well, it starts with you. It starts with a new mindset. It takes practice, consistency, and dedication.

It takes disciplined thinking. 
It's taking every thought captive. 


Truth is, we have to begin in the morning by overcoming  discouragement, doubt, delusion and delay? 

 Sometimes we think our problems are bigger than us and then internalize and begin thought stacking until it ruins our day before it even begins.


We have to do better, and be better. We have to operate outside of our closed box; we have to remember our successes!

 Because you are made to win!

 We have to take an inventory of ourselves and really dig deeper.

Do you want that business to succeed?

Do you want your team to work together?

Do you want peace in your home?

Do you want to have faith that moves mountains?

Do you want to transform your thinking?

It all starts with you!!
It All Starts in the Morning and continues throughout the day.

Please contact me today for a Motivational Engagement Session with your Team. 


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If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our services, please don't hesitate to contact ME. I am here to help!

900 S 5th St. Suite 301

Milwaukee, WI.


PH: 204.4212


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“Rossie is amazing! Her energy and vibe is the topping of the cake when I work with her. She gets to know you, your journey, and your vision. Then she puts her expertise in for perfection!”

-Kim. M

Milwaukee, WI. 

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